Beresford Funeral Service

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    Tue, 03/20/2018 - 13:00 -- admin
    Main Project Image: 
    Funeral Home Website
    Project Type: 
    Website Design & Applications
    Funeral Service
    Online Obituaries, Funeral & Cremation Packages Purchasing, Extensive Administrative Dashboard to Manage Content by Client, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Major Technologies Used: 
    Drupal 8 with custom modules, PHP/MySQL, Social Media Web Services, eCommerce Suite and
    Project Description: 
    Beresford Funeral Services is a very long-time client. The owner has had two funeral service related businesses. eMUNICATIONS has built the websites for both businesses and has taken the early websites through two major redesigns that updated the appearance of the websites and added extensive functionality to both. offers the families they serve online obituaries with slideshows, service information, maps, tributes for the deceased, flower purchases. It also has an extensive ecommerce implementation for potential clients to see pricing information and purchase funeral and cremation packages from the website, complete Texas State forms and more. The website offers a blog that automatically posts to their Facebook page, displays Tweets and Instagram photos. All of this functionality is managed through a password protected administrative dashboard that easily updates the website by the 'Beresford Funeral Service staff. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was also very important for attracting potential new clients. eMUNICATIONS optimized each page individually with the client chosen keyword list. The website is submitted frequently to the search engines and submitted again when content is changed by the client on the site.