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    Small business websites to enterprise class website applications and web design, we have seen it all.

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  • Web Design

    Whether you are launching a new website or cleaning up an existing web design, functionality is everything. eMUNCATIONS, a Houston website design company, excels in delivering user friendly, functional websites that have purpose.

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    Great web applications, great website design, doesn't do a thing for you unless potential clients can find you. Whether it is search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media or, offsite marketing, we have a plan for you to Communicate Your Business.

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    Web development or programming provides the functionality for your website you require. Whether you are offering an ecommerce website to sell shoes or dance lessons or need a website to display a directory or catalog of products, eMUNICATIONS can program your website to offer practical client features.

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    • Our Website Clients

      Small business to enterprise class applications and design, we have seen it all.

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    • Website Design

      Whether your are launching or cleaning up and existing website, design is everything. eMUNCATIONS excels and delivering user friendly, clean website designs.

    • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

      Great website functionality, great website design, doesn't do a thing for you unless potential clients can find you. Whether it is search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media or, offsite marketing, we have a plan for your website.

    • Website Development

      Website development or programming provides the functionality for your website. Whether you are offering an ecommerce website to sell shoes or dance lessons or need a website to display a directory or catalog of products, eMUNICATIONS can program your website to offer practical client features.

    Featured Web Development Projects

    • Brazos Aquatics

      Brazos Aquatics pool contractors started out, and continues to be, a family operated business. With over 10 years of pool design and pool construction experience, they continue to dedicate themselves to creating the perfect swimming pool experience that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. Construction quality is the key element in your continued satisfaction with you Brazos Pool & Spa pool design and construction. eMUNICATIONS designed and developed brochure like website with gallery for Brazos Aquatics.
    • Coastal Wings Hunting Service

      Coastal Wings came to eMUNICATIONS looking to create a website that captured the "outdoors style" and displayed their information in a clear way for their customers. For over 18 years, Coastal Wings have been providing guide services for waterfowl and big game. Then they began duck, goose and Sandhill crane hunting excursions on the coast of Texas in 2001. In Oklahoma they offer outstanding Sandhill Crane hunting along with mallards and Canada geese in the dry corn and peanut fields.
    • Website for Pharmacy

      Compounding Corner Pharmacy is an accredited compounding pharmacy. They are a long-time eMUNICATIONS client. eMUNICATIONS built their first website and has redesigned it twice to freshen the appearance and provide additional functionality. Functionality has included computer applications to check the pharmacy's internal records for client prescriptions so they could reorder prescriptions on the website. eCommerce suite for purchasing medications and supplements on the website. The eCommerce calculates in-state and out of state taxes and shipping charges. A blog for passing along general pharmaceutical information and advice. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was an important goal to attract potential new patients. eMUNICATIONS optimized each website page individually with client selected keyword terms. The website is sutomatically submitted frequently to the major search engines and when content is changed by the client. Our next step for the website is to shoot a series of videos to show the processes and complexity of compounding pharmaceuticals. Be sure to check the site in the coming months to see!

    • Websites for consultants

      ConnorsRD.com is the website of registered and licensed dietitian Rita Connors, she holds a Bachelors of Science from University of Houston and a Masters of Science from Texas Woman’s University. Rita was referred to eMUINCATIONS by another eMUINCATIONS client. A lot of our new website design business comes from referrals. Rita is starting a new business and needed to get her business noticed and found on the Internet. She was using a GoDaddy templated website but, as is the case for most hosting company online-templates, that site was not search efficient and frankly wasted money if your website is not going to be found. Especially for a startup business.
    • Distribution International Valero

      Distribution International Valero is one of many clients using the eMUNICAtiONS online ordering catalog custom built to be used with Valero Energy's requisition and purchase order system. After the first catalog was built several years ago, Valero had such success and enthusitc adoption by field personal they started recommending eMUNICATIONS to Valero's other vendors to utilize eMUINCATIONS' custom services with this online catalog. eMUINCATIONS has online catalogs and shopping carts being used for over eight years. We are constantly improving the catalogs features and performance and providing customizations per Valero and their vendors.
    • eCOM Promos

      Unlike the majority of companies in the promotional products industry, ecomPROMOS isn’t just an order-taker for advertising specialty items. Of course if you already know the promotional products you want, we will efficiently process your order with competitive pricing and the highest quality items in the industry. Our real talent, value, and service is in our promotional product marketing advisors who will research and provide dynamic and innovative products that will sell your company’s message with quality marketing products that match the quality of your brand. We will make you visible to your market.
    • Houston Geological Society

      The Houston Geological Society (HGS) has been actively involved in the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies since GCAGS' inception in 1951. The objectives of the Houston Geological Society are; 1) To stimulate interest and promote advancement in geology for the Houston area, 2) To disseminate and facilitate discussion of geological information relationships among geologists in the area. 3) To aid and encourage academic training in the science of geology.

      HGS had a website for a very long time. It never worked quite the way they wanted. HGS hired eMUINCATIONS to update, bug fix and provide new functionality. After about three years HGS wanted a new design, which is what you see today.


    • websites for lawyers

      In criminal law matters, an experienced, effective Texas criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a dismissed charge, a not guilty verdict, a reduced charge or a prison sentence. Mr. Kiatta is a long-time client with eMUNICATIONS. Mr. Katta has two brochure-style websites designed and hosted by eMUNICATIONS. The websites are search optimized and are targeted at two very different practices of law to enhance their search effectiveness. As with all eMUNICATIONS' websites we programmed in an easy to use administrative dashboard so that the client can manage the content themselves. eMUNICATIONS is well versed in the requirements of websites for law firms.
    • Community Website for Teachers

      This site was built using the Drupal content management system and is really quite easy to use. This community portal is for teachers to share experiences, materials and more with other teachers and interested parents. It is an advertising business model to monetize the owners efforts in maintaining and promoting the website. This feature rich portal has forum boards for password protected teacher discussions between themselves and a public forum board for parent participation and information. Other features include the listing of lessons and lesson materials to share with visiting teachers, an Amazon store with preselected education materials, a helpful links page, video sharing page with lessons, hints, tricks and more. All content is managed by the site owner through an easy to use password-protected admin dashboard.
    • Mosquito Zone International

      MosquitoZone International has been fighting malaria, and other vector-borne diseases and related health challenges since 2005. Mosquito Zone came to eMUNICATIONS to re-design their existing website. They have very specific features they wanted to use. eMUNICATIONS worked with the marketing team at Mosquito Zone to provide a well-branded, online styled website with an administrative dashboard to easily update content on the site. There are two document repositories managed by the client for White Papers and Case Studies. There is also a submissions form for jobs, applications and resume's.
    • Staffing Agency Website

      On Track Staffing is a Texas based staffing firm providing online recruitment services for employers and a job announcement board for potential employees. On Track Staffing came to eMUNICATIONS because they were very dissatisfied with their current website developer and hosting company. On Track has been with eMUNICATIONS form more than two years now and are quite satisfied. Frequently we provide maintenance and updates to their Wordpress site and provide Wordpress optimized hosting for them with a host of services.
    • Sprint Waste Management

      Sprint Waste was looking for a complete redesign of their online presence. For Sprint Waste, emunications developed a website that was both eye-popping and useful for their clients. Through their new website they can keep in touch with their customer base and their customers can easily find any information they're looking for. Behind the scenes, the SEO experts at Emunications worked hard to make sure this website scored high in the search engines.

    Websites on multiple platforms

    • We'll Bring Your Website Idea to Life!

      We can write applications for smartphones like Apple’s iPhone and/or the myriad of Android phones on the market today. Not only will we design it to your standards and write the application but, we will help you launch your new application on the Apple iTunes Store and the Android Application Store.

    • Responsive Web Design

      A smartphone application is not always the best mobile solution for your business. Responsive website design is a good hybrid to reach desktop/laptop users but, mobile and tablet users as well. It allows a website to appear differently depending on the device the website visitor is using to view your website – a computer, tablet, or mobile device, desktop or laptop.

    • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

      Search optimization is just as important for a mobile website as a desktop website – sometimes even more so. You have a carload of people looking for a great night on the town; they search... search... BOOM, your mobile website advertising your restaurant and live entertainment come up. You have a few seconds to attract this carload – can your website do it?

    • Mobile Applications

      eMUNICATIONS, a website design and development company in Houston, has created mobile applications for a variety of companies, i.e. sales order placement by a salesperson on a client construction site, social media app that posts videos from a smart mobile and post it to your personal page, conversion formulas on a mobile to assist in sales questions, inventory counts to close the sale and many more.

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