Attorney / Lawyer Websites

eMUNICATIONS has a lot of experience doing websites for lawyers/attorneys. Whether it is just an online brochure about your practice or if you need functions like secure document storage and transfer or, the schedule we have the experience. We are familiar with the requirements of the state bar to get your website approved before publishing. We can do this for you and make any needed changes quickly to get you online reaching out to potential clients.

Our websites are professionally designed and include a content management system for you to make your own edits and changes. No need to go through the additional expense and waiting to get your changes made. Make them yourself and publish immediately. You can even change design elements and/or photographs on your own. Or, don't have the time, let us know. We can make the changes for you quickly through the content management system.

Another important feature for attorney or lawyer websites is accessibility on mobile devices, i.e. phones or tablets. We accomplish this through responsive website design. The server that hosts your website files can tell what kind of device is accessing your website and can adjust the design to match the screen display of the device.

We also provide expert search engine optimization or SEO. No matter how great your website is it still has to be found by potential clients. Search Engine Marketing, SEM is a good way to get your website on the first page of search engines with your list of keyword terms. This is called paid search or in Google's case, Adwords.

lawyer website sample
attorney website sample
lawyer website example