About our website design and development company

Based out of Sugar Land TX, eMUNICATIONS is a Houston web development company that started developing websites in Houston in 2002. Word quickly spread and we were requested to develop websites in Houston for other companies, large and small. It wasn't long before we were designing websites outside the state of Texas and even outside of the United States. As we developed these websites, we were asked to design brochures, business cards, trade-show booths even radio advertising campaigns for our clients. Why? Because we know design, marketing and business promotion. We have built an excellent team in graphic design, website design, website programming and application development. We also bring 30 years of business development and marketing experience to the table. We have extended these services to include social media management and search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

You basically have three choices in today’s world of website design and website applications and services. The large media firms tell you up front it is going to be expensive and they still go over budget. The small group of programmers or the guy working by himself will give you an acceptable budget up front but, will exceed that budget by being inefficient, over-challenged or won’t understand your business goals. Just like building a house, one or two guys can not know everything needed to successfully design, develop, launch, maintain and promote your most important marketing tool or client service application. Despite the unanticipated costs, the most difficult lesson you will learn is the unexpected time you and your team will spend educating the account executive or programmers about business practicalities and the specifics of your business or industry.

eMUNICATIONS cuts through all of this delay and expense with incredible customer service, experience and anticipation of your business needs. Just ask some of our clients – we'll send you a list.


We are a collection of graphic design and programming professionals led by an individual with over 30 years of business experience in marketing, business promotion and development. Our collection of professionals each has years of experience in their area in Internet technologies. We are the website design and development team that has worked together creating hundreds of websites and then hosting them, supporting them and promoting them. We know what is important to your company in web marketing, web application development, smart phone applications – planning, on-time completion and on-budget.

Our Approach

We will sit down with you and discuss what it is you want from your marketing plan and budget. We will discuss how the Internet can enhance your efforts in plain talk, not in technical terms. We will use your business terms and your business goals. From there we will match your goals to Internet technologies with options. We don't design websites based on the technology we are familiar with or like to do We apply the right technology to your goals. No flashy spinning graphics; just efficient dissemination of information, functionality, and most importantly, compelling. After all, if your website visitor is not going to act on your services, what is the point!

Our Technologies

Our web designers and web programmers are skilled in a number of software applications and technologies to bring your website plans to life. A small group or an individual just doesn't have all of the web design and/or web development skills and experience required in today's online marketing environment. From hand-coding html, PHP scripts and MySQL queries to implementing content management systems like, Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress to on-page search optimization coding to off-page search optimization techniques, tools and resources to social media strategies and implementations, eMUNICATIONS has the right person for the job.