Website for Schools (private & public)

There are many online website tools that are useful to schools. eMUNICATIONS has implemented many of these tools into school websites.

  • Calendar(s)
  • News article systems with teaser on the front page and an archive
  • Document repositories
  • Photo galleries for events and special occasions
  • Individual sport teams and clubs websites with their own calendars, news, documents, etc.
  • Online ticket sales
  • Teacher and school administrator directories, and much, much more

All of this information is presented on your school’s website and is editable in real-time through an easy to use, permission-based dashboard. We can even create tiered permissions so parent volunteers can be assigned specific areas of the school website where they can keep the information up to date without being able to access other areas of the school’s website.

Private school websites are particularly important to the school because you must market your services. A good looking, informative school website is very important in attracting potential families and their students. Additionally, documents can be made available for download and easy uploading for editing new versions of the documents. An ecommerce enabled school website is very convenient to parents to pay tuition, purchase school spirit items or make donations to the school.

Lamar High School
St. Thomas