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      Small business to enterprise class applications and design, we have seen it all.

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    • Website Design

      Whether your are launching or cleaning up and existing website, design is everything. eMUNCATIONS excels and delivering user friendly, clean website designs.

    • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

      Great website functionality, great website design, doesn't do a thing for you unless potential clients can find you. Whether it is search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media or, offsite marketing, we have a plan for your website.

    • Website Development

      Website development or programming provides the functionality for your website. Whether you are offering an ecommerce website to sell shoes or dance lessons or need a website to display a directory or catalog of products, eMUNICATIONS can program your website to offer practical client features.

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    Our staff has over 50 years combined experience in website design and web application development, giving us the know-how to develop websites that fit you and your client's every need. We can build anything from a simple informational website to an elaborate social network. We pride ourselves on creating websites with the most up-to-date technology, features and designs.

    Drupal Content Mangement System

    A content management system ( CMS ) is a set of programming files implemented on a website to allow permissions-based, tiered access for management of the content of the website by multiple users via a WYSIWYG editing system. Open source content management systems abound in website development and have many advantages over proprietary content management systems (i.e. you have a choice of developers, the code is transportable to another developer, no copyright issues, etc.).

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    Included in eMUNICATIONS' standard website development package is basic search engine optimization prior to website launch. We have a standard set of procedures, tricks and tools that we apply to your website optimization.

    social media, twitter, facebook, linkedin

    Wikipedia defines Social Media as this, "Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in 

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    Making the transition from brick and mortar to e-business can be fraught with dangers, chief among them are the myriad of new technical services required to operate on the internet and mobile platforms. For instance, the first step in mobile app development begins with the choice of platform. That choice determines the approach used and the capabilities available to you. And there may be features or limitations that you may not even be aware of. It can be a dizzying array of confusing options, and we can help you to clear it up.

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    Business identity packages (logo, business cards, letterhead, brochures) is the traditional way to express the value of your organization. Additionally, these advertising collateral items announce the contact points for your organization, phone, fax, address and website. So often businesses neglect to put their domain name on their business cards, letterhead, brochures, trade show graphics and promotional products.