Nia Moves

Wed, 09/04/2013 - 20:35 -- admin
Main Project Image: 
Websites for gyms and exercise studios
Project Type: 
Online Brochure Styled Website
Health & Fitness
Extensive use of videos, Scheduling calendar for site visitors and clients, Integration with offsite scheduling service, Admin dashboard for content updating, Search Engine Optimization, SEO
Major Technologies Used: 
Drupal 7, Custom modules, PHP/MySQ
Project Description: 
Nia Moves is an exercise studio in the heights. Nia Moves was referred to eMUNICATIONS by the principal at Harvard Elementary School, where eMUINICATIONS did an extensive website development project for the HISD school. uses a complex scheduling application for displaying scheduled courses and allowing website visitors to sign up and reserve a space in the class. Additionally, there is an extensive use of video to show the classes in operation and the many different styles of dance exercises taught at the studio.