Grant Geophysical

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 06:19 -- admin
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Websites for oil and gas
Project Type: 
Online Brochure Styled Website
Geophysical Services
Drupal Content Management System, Easy to use administrative dashboard for the client to update content
Major Technologies Used: 
Drupal 7, Extensive Custom Modules, PHP/MySQLeMUNICATIONS' custom admin dashboard for updating content
Project Description: 
Grant Geophysical is a global geophysical services provider. From acquisition to reservoir characterization. This was a redesign for a long-term client. The company went through a rebranding project and needed the website redesigned to fit the new branding. The eMUNICATIONS team worked with the Geokinetics Marketing department to provide just what the client envisioned.