Tue, 05/10/2016 - 11:41 -- admin

Dashboards are user control panels installed on a site to help the user easily edit, and maintain their site with little to no knowledge of web programming. We are able to create these dashboards for our clients using the content management system known as "Drupal". With the combination of our programming expertise, and Drupal we are able to deliver an easy to use user control panel or "Dashboard" to our clients so that they are able to modify the content of their site without needing eMUNICATIONS to make the changes for them, and thus saving our clients money, and time.

With this dashboard, you can manage everything pertaining to your website: online calendars, email blasts, email newsletters, all done with the ease of submission forms and in real time.

Contact your Houston area Drupal experts today for an introduction into the world of dashboards.