Designing Creatively in a Fast-Paced Work Environment

Tue, 06/14/2016 - 11:41 -- admin

Maintaining creativity in a fast-paced work environment can sometimes be akin to a doctor performing an operation, on a plane, in severe turbulence. For most, creativity doesn’t subscribe to the “9 to 5” and certainly not in situations where time is of the essence.

Aside from brainstorming practices, here are a few things I’ve practiced over the years to help me avoid creative doldrums at the workplace:

1. Take Notes:

Ensure you always have the ability to take a note at any time. I’ve found it very useful to keep a notepad or phone near my bed; I’ve had a lot of ideas come to me when I can’t seem to catch any Z’s. Most importantly, have these notes accessible when you’re working – which brings me to number 2...

2. Organize your inspiration:

Organize all your inspiring websites into a single bookmarks folder and keep all of your design books, magazines, print samples, etc within arm’s reach of your workstation. The more time you have to spend looking for inspiration the less time you have to work.

3. Get some fresh air:

You may be surprised what a quick 5 minute walk could do to clear your head and get you thinking more creatively. Plus it’s nice to see the Sun, sometimes.