5 Excellent Tools for Checking Google Keyword Rankings

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Are you looking for ways to check Google keyword rankings? Do you want to know how your keywords are performing on Google?

Well, you have come to the right place where you are going to discover a few of the top tools to check Google keyword rankings. Not only that, but you will also learn why keyword tracking is essential and a few other important details in this guide.

What is Keyword Tracking?

We all know keywords are used by people on Google to find information online so they can educate themselves and purchase later. That’s how online eCommerce sites are boosting their search traffic and sales.

Keyword tracking is the ability to track and analyze all the keywords that you are targeting. Keyword tracking helps you easily find out which keywords are performing well on Google so you can analyze those details to improve your keyword rankings.

Why Keyword Tracking is Important?

One of the essential elements of SEO is picking the right keyword, making them rank & track the keyword position in search.

It is absolutely necessary for a blogger or SEO professional to check their Google keyword ranking for target keywords. One of the most common mistakes bloggers and website administrators make is that they write and publish articles without targeting any keywords at all.

Every blogger must aim to use the keywords which users search the most, especially those keywords which will help your website show up on one of the first few pages of search results.

If you accomplish proper on-page SEO, chances are good that you will appear in the first 50 search results.

In order to accomplish this goal, you need a tool which can tell you where a specific keyword ranks in Google’s search results without manually going through 100’s of search results and pages.

To help you to do this, we have compiled a list of some excellent online tools to use to check your target keyword position in Google.

5 Best SEO Tools for Checking Google Keyword Rankings

1. SEMrush

SEMRUSH is a well known, comprehensive tool. Instead of simply allowing you to check the rankings of a single keyword phrase, you get access to a wide range of statistics.

You can enter your website URL and determine which keywords you rank for.

You will be able to see your ranking for top organic keywords, along with monthly search volume and the average cost per click for PPC advertising for that keyword. Check keyword competition and discover other details.

It supports Google (you can select Google Search based on your target geographical region) and Bing search as well.

If you ever wonder, “What keywords do I rank for?”, SEMrush has got you covered. Simply add your domain name in the URL field, and it would show you all the keywords that you are currently ranking for.

SEMrush is professional software that is easy to use, and you can try it for a couple of weeks for free before deciding whether you want to subscribe.

The only downside is that SEMRUSH is one of the most expensive tools on the market. Unless you have a pressing need for its other features, you might be best off with another of the rank checkers.

2. SERPWatcher

Mangools is famous for giving some really good SEO tools. A new addition to this is SERPWatcher. This is one of the best rank checker tools with which you can determine the keyword position for any domain. They have features with the help of which you can track keywords based on location. Their paid packages have competitive pricing and they provide value for the money that you pay. You can track keyword position based on Geolocation  & devices (Desktop and mobile).

3. Ahrefs

This website has a number of good features. This makes it very easy to monitor keyword rankings. For which keyword your website is being ranked is detected automatically. If you want ranking based on the country then even that feature is available on this website.

With Ahrefs, you can start tracking the rank of your website as well as your competitor website.

4. Google rank checker

Google Rank Checker is a free online tool for tracking keyword positioning. Though, it does not check Bing – just Google.

It is a very basic utility that gets a basic job done. All you need to do is enter your target keyword phrase and the domain name of your website. You then select the region and press submit. Within seconds, you will know the search engine rankings for the keyword you entered.

5. SERP’s keyword rank checker tool

SERP’s also has an amazing keyword rank checker tool to easily check all your Google keyword rankings. Simply enter your keyword along with your domain name and choose the search engine (including the location) to know your keyword rankings.

This tool is the fastest way to check your keyword rankings and it’s completely free.

It shows you the top 250 search results. It also gives you information about search volume, CPC, etc to know how your keywords are performing on Google.

Improve Your Google Keyword Rankings

The bottom line is that you need to check your keyword rankings to monitor your performance. Whether you choose one of the web-based free checkers or purchase a membership from one of the advanced options, knowing where you rank for your keywords is the first step in improving your Google rankings

Once you know where your website ranks in Google, it's time to improve them. While many people will offer you their services, we urge website owners to consider the long term impact of such services on their websites and businesses.

Without a proper, longer-term ranking plan, any ranking gains are unlikely to be sustained over the medium to long term. Go through our recommended service to improve your website rankings.